Why the NBA is Mad at DeMarcus Cousins’ Successful Warriors Debut

The Boogie Monster. .

Dating back to last summer, no team took a chance on DeMarcus Cousins when he was a free agent – including LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. This led to good guys of the Golden State Warriors stepping in and saving the career of a disgruntled player.

After rupturing his left Achilles tendon last season, Cousins was due for a max contract, but teams shied away from taking a gamble on the star center. With Golden State losing their bench in the off-season, they’ve struggled in the first half of the season, including having a behind-the-scenes blow-up where Draymond Green disrespected Kevin Durant’s personal life.

Well, last night, Demarcus made his formal debut with the team and shocked all with his immediate contributions to the team. Although the refs fouled him out in 15 minutes, he was able to score 14 points – including draining three open three pointers. This is scary for the rest of the league, who’ve felt the Warriors have been vulnerable this season.

But, with DeMarcus working his way back into game shape, this is going to change the landscape of the season, playoffs and immediately make them the favorites to win the west. Before last night, nobody thought Boogie would come back playing this good in 2019, or ever again.

So, this has derailed the league’s initiative of their original plans to have LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers upset Golden State in the playoffs. After witnessing Cousins’ brief debut, that’s obviously not going to happen, as he’s only going to gradually get better with the team through practice and on-court chemistry. We’re not sure why the league would be mad at this, because every team had a chance to sign Boogie – but everyone passed.

He was almost blackballed out of the league and the most disliked team wanted to get him. Now that Cousins is back in the league, he’s playing for a ring and some contracts. Everybody in Oakland has multiple rings in their dynasty, so Boogie is going to be the unexpected spark that drives them back to another title. Let us know in the comments what you think.

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Steph Curry & Klay Thompson celebrate Boogie

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